The Benefits of Massage on Our Hormones In response to internal and external stimuli, our body […]
The polyvagal theory, or how our vagus nerve impacts our social life? The polyvagal theory, developed […]
In this initial encounter with Carole Gautriaud, immerse yourself in her captivating world where passion and commitment come together to offer a unique journey towards well-being. Explore how this dynamic professional guides her clients through personalized sessions and innovative practices, helping them reach their full potential. Get ready to be inspired by her philosophy and holistic approach to health and personal development.
Explore the Vagus Nerve: More than just a nerve pathway, it plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Dive into this compelling article to explore its impact on our physical and mental health, and learn how to stimulate it for optimal well-being!
Are you familiar with the principle of giving and receiving? The idea is simple: like a […]
Often regarded as the hormone of stress, cortisol is also the hormone of energy! A true […]
Much like a smile expressing joy, or furrowed brows indicating surprise or anger, certain postures play […]
A controversial approach in both France and Britain, gaining momentum on social media and in the […]
A nous les bonnes résolutions! Et si résolution ne rimait plus avec injonction mais avec bien-être ? […]
Zoom sur les missions et les valeurs de notre entreprise La méthode AXO est portée par […]
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