Much like a smile expressing joy, or furrowed brows indicating surprise or anger, certain postures play a role in the confidence we project and feel. But if the body adjusts its posture based on our emotions, the reverse is also true! In other words, self-confidence can be cultivated!

With your superpower in hand, learn to harness it and embody the superhero that you are!

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy* extensively describes Power Poses that create this sense of confidence, boosting your vibrational frequency and potential for success. These attitudes are not only found in stars, public figures, and athletes but also in ancient disciplines like yoga, with its renowned “heart openings”. The more we embrace our power and radiance, the more naturally we can transmit it. It’s not about dominating others but rather daring to show up, capable of giving and receiving.

And what could be more inspiring than a confident, open therapist? Our clients will resonate with the image we convey: a sound mind in a healthy body!

But what does this entail?

There are five power postures. From the victor to the relaxed leader, today we focus on the superhero pose, aptly named: legs apart, hands on hips, chest forward, chin up, gaze fixed on the horizon like a conqueror. You embody confidence, power, charisma, and the solidity of one who understands that anything is possible. Just two minutes of this ritual suffice to convey this positive message to your body and mind. Practice it as often as needed, especially before potentially stressful encounters!

In face-to-face interactions, maintain this open posture by keeping your arms uncrossed, shoulders back, and smiling. This way, you remain open to yourself, to others, to life, and its myriad opportunities. You have the power to embody your full potential, and if your mind still doubts, your body has already donned its superhero cape!


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