Meet Carole, the epitome of dynamism, radiance, and boundless energy within the AXO team! Let’s dive into her latest ventures and allow ourselves to be swept away by her infectious enthusiasm!

Always forward-thinking, it’s no wonder this young woman chose a profession centered around movement! As a certified sports coach, she leverages her expertise in personalized sessions to help her clients rediscover the joy and motivation to progress. Her mission? To reconnect women with the benefits of physical activity, making it a vital component of their overall well-being once more.

Carole thrives on challenges, and life continually rewards her for it: accustomed to relocation, she embarks on a new adventure every four years, embracing fresh opportunities and horizons! From this nomadic lifestyle, Carole draws strength. Each new destination becomes a fertile ground for her to sow the seeds of her numerous projects. The transient nature of her journey fuels her determination and resilience, propelling her to overcome obstacles with gusto. With each departure, she reflects on her achievements with gratitude and uses them as fuel to establish herself firmly in the uncharted territories where endless possibilities await.

This year, Carole bids farewell to her role as a local leader and sets her sights on the Bordeaux region! Already bubbling with excitement, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to sample the renowned wines of the area! However, her greatest thrill lies in the prospect of collaborating with Denis, an AXO therapist based in Bordeaux, to craft innovative projects. Like the blossoming of spring, their ideas are budding, promising to deliver the finest synergy to the people of Bordeaux!

Let’s rally behind Carole as she embarks on these new and exciting adventures, brimming with the promise of delightful surprises!



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