The Benefits of Massage on Our Hormones

In response to internal and external stimuli, our body produces hormones whose balance significantly impacts our daily health. But how does massage influence the chemistry of our body? Researchers at Cedars-Sinai have demonstrated that massages can alter the body’s immune and endocrine response. Their study, the first of its kind on a large scale, revealed that massages (specifically Swedish massages in the study) can reduce stress and enhance immune function. Indeed, participants who received a Swedish massage showed:

  • A significant decrease in cortisol levels (a crucial stress hormone, as mentioned in a previous article on our site:
  • A reduction in arginine vasopressin, a hormone linked to aggressive behavior and influenced by increased cortisol.
  • A notable decrease in most cytokines.

This clearly shows that massage can have positive effects on reducing inflammation, improving immune response, reducing stress, and promoting healing and cardiovascular health.

These results suggest that massages are not only pleasant but can also offer measurable physiological benefits. We also observed these same benefits in a 2022 study conducted by our AXO therapists on 20 athletes. The impressive results showed improved sleep for 62% of participants and reduced anxiety for 44%. Additionally, 56% of those massaged reported feeling better overall energy recovery.

It’s said, it’s felt, but it’s now scientifically proven: massage is a key health ally. At AXO, we are convinced of this, which is why we work closely with health professionals, with your well-being as our guiding principle.


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