Often regarded as the hormone of stress, cortisol is also the hormone of energy! A true ally when balanced, it becomes a source of many discomforts when insufficient or excessive. Involved in glucose metabolism, fat metabolism, blood pressure, and our vigilance, it is secreted cyclically throughout the day in a cascade reaction involving the adrenal glands.

This hormone deserves pampering, as it can easily be dysregulated under stress, disrupted sleep patterns (night shifts, new parents, etc.), or external factors (alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc.). Taking care of your cortisol levels will contribute to improving your daily health. Techniques like meditation, heart coherence, regular physical activity, and even massage can be relied upon!

Massage has a dual action, helping the body regulate cortisol levels physiologically—especially by reviving circulatory systems and massaging the adrenals as in the AXO treatment—while offering a precious space of well-being, relaxation, and care. Just sixty minutes of massage significantly reduce cortisol levels!

Balanced cortisol is your best ally as it leads to increased serotonin, decreased pain, inflammation, and consequently, stress! So, shall we be friends again?



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