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The program

The training is divided into 4 part. It will include:

Theory training
Practical training
A one on one
6-month check-up
Marketing tools
and support

**Please note that you will be able to charge for the AXO Method to customers after the practical course but will be encouraged to offer free massages to journalists, influencers and other prospects to grow brand awareness and practice during your year of training. 

Part 1

the online
theory course

The AXO method offers a 3-hour online theory course divided into 2 sessions of 90mins. Trainees will be given an online AXO training manual which will be sent to them by email at the end of the online theory course to prepare for the practical course.

During this theory course you will meet other therapists that will be joining the practical course and get a first idea of what the AXO Method is about. This course is essential for you to be able to explain to future customers the theory of the method, how and why it works.

The online theory course will be run via Zoom with a maximum of 10 trainees on the call. Once you have signed-up for the course you will receive the zoom link to join the online course. We highly recommend you are present for these courses to ask questions live in the room and discuss the method with our founder.

content session 1
  1. Presentation of the course
  2. Psychology of the AXO method
  3. Physiology and technical approach 1
content session 2
  1. Physiology and technical approach 2
  2. Holistic and psychological approach
  3. Movements and postures
part 2

5-day training.

The practical course is a high-end course which needs to be attended in person and is usually organised for small groups of 6 to 10 people with two trainers.

The week goes from Monday to Friday, starts at 8.30/9am and finishes at 5 pm each day. Lunch will be included during the 5 day training and an incentive dinner will be organised for all attendees on the Thursday evening.

The practical course will focus on giving you all the skills you need to start practicing on clients and a check-up will be organised to make sure you stay confident in delivering our high-end face and body massage.

Our next dates for the practical training are:

Week of the 17th to the 21st June 2024 near Bordeaux – training in French

Week of the 7th to the 11th October near London – training in English

09.00 – Arrival + coffee.

09.30 – Observation of a full body massage.

11.00- Abdominal work and checks – what are we looking for?

12.00- Arm stretching and mobilisations

12.30 – Healthy lunch provided by the AXO team

13.30 – Leg stretching and mobilisation

14.00 – AXO Method sports massage mouvement on the legs

15.00 – Afternoon break

15.15 – Full front massage and sequencing first day’s learnings

17.00 – End of day

day 1

08.30 – Arrival and coffee

09.00 – Observation of a full body massage

10.00 – Recap of what was seen on day 1

11.00 – Protocole on sides

12.30 – Healthy lunch provided by the AXO team

13.30 – Sequencing front and sides of the body

15.30 – Afternoon break

15.45 – Starting the back protocole

17.00 – End of day.

day 2

08.30 – Arrival and coffee

09.00 – Observation of a full body massage

10.00 – Sequencing with back protocole

11.00 – back of legs protocol

12.30 – Healthy lunch provided by the AXO team

13.30 – Full back sequencing

14h30 – Full body protocol sequencing

17.00 – End of day

day 3

08.30 – Arrival and coffee

09.00 – Full body protocol sequencing

11.00 – Pregnant women, questions and difficulties

12.00 – Healthy lunch provided by the AXO team

13.30 – Model and influencer afternoon – practice the massage on models

17.00 – End of day

day 4

08.30 – Arrival and coffee

9.00 – The face treatment

12.00 – Healthy lunch provided by the AXO team

13.30 – Individual exam and validation of AXO Method treatment body and face.

17.00 – End of day

day 5
part 3


We prioritize the success of your training and want to ensure that you can effectively apply the skills acquired during the practical course. That’s why, approximately 6 months after completing the practical training, we will arrange for a senior therapist to visit your location for a comprehensive review. During this visit, the senior therapist will observe your massage techniques, provide valuable feedback, and address any questions you may have. This check-up is included in the course fee and serves as an opportunity for you to receive additional guidance and support. Our aim is to instill confidence in you and ensure that you are well-prepared for your rewarding career as an Axomethod therapist.

You will need to set aside half a day to :
  • Get a massage from the senior therapist
  •  Offer a free massage to the senior therapist
  • Review numbers and goals with him
  • Talk about marketing, progress and your vision.
part 4

Join our network

We know starting out is hard and we do not want you to feel alone in your journey. We therefore include in our price a years worth of support and marketing to help you grow and develop your business.


Receive continuous support with mentorship from a senior therapist, become part of a vibrant community of therapists who stay connected through monthly WhatsApp discussions, and participate in an annual reunion to meet fellow therapists in person. A great opportunity to collaborate and gain insights from the experiences of fellow therapists.


Access valuable tools to enhance your practice. Receive professionally written articles to share with your clients, high-quality photos and designs for social media, and special pricing on custom design services through our collaboration with Charlotte G Marketing. These resources will help you maintain a polished online presence and grow your business.


Unlock growth opportunities with our learning and updates opportunities, helping you stay at the forefront of the field. Benefit from collaborations within our extensive network and receive strategic guidance from our marketing team, ensuring your unique practice stands out to support your professional development and business success.

After completing your first year of training, you’ll have the option to enroll in our support program for 60€/month. This provides ongoing access to essential resources like design tools, yearly events with updates, and marketing support, empowering you to evolve into a senior therapist.

Pricing and eligibility

Our training is open to people with experience  and/or studies in the following sectors:

  • Health professionals
  • Sports professionals
  • Massage therapists with at least 5 years experience

If you feel this is right for you and wish to follow our training starting in September, we would love to hear from you. Enquire or request a free call to discuss our training and financing possibilities.

Please note there is limited availability for this training. Applications will close once we have reached capacity.

Pricing from
€ 3,500 /£ 3,100

  • Online Theory training
  • Practical training (PT)
  • Lunch during PT
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off in Ibiza for PT
  • Check-up
  • 1 year support

**Please note that accommodation is not included in the cost of training but can be organised for an extra fee – please get in touch with our team to know more.

Our training team

Founder of the AXO Method and Therapist

Guillaume Guibordeau

About me

Founder of the AXO method in 2016, Guillaume is an experienced therapist who has been working with a variety of different people. He started his career in France working with brain injured clients and helping them get back to a certain level of autonomy. He also worked on patients in hospitals and studied the effects of ageing on the human body.

He moved to London in 2016 where he started his own practise and was inspired by mentors also working on well-being. His very rich and deep knowledge of physiology and anatomy lead him to create his own method which he is now offering to clients across Europe.

diplomas and recognition
  • Masters degree in Science and Rehabilitation
  • Member of the British association of Sports Sciences
  • Snoezelen accredited
  • Balneotherapy accredited

Therapist and certified nurse

Marion Paillard

About me

Marion Paillard is a trained nurse and AXO therapist. She started her career in psychiatric care and is a firm believer in the wellbeing of mental health through physical activity. 

For her, the AXO method is a way to better understand one’s body and to free one’s emotions. It helps to become aware of one’s body and provides an immediate feeling of lightness. In other words, Marion’s mission is to help you facilitate communication between your body and your mind. 

She is a certified AXO Method trainer and will support you throughout the week.

diplomas and recognition
  • AXO method certified therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Certified Nurse
Place of practice

Royan, Cognac and La Rochelle.

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