Through the treatment of Axomethod, metabolic processes can be accelerated and thus waste products can be better eliminated. In order to become pregnant at all, hormones play a major role, which in turn can be produced much more easily and above all to a healthy extent in a healthy body. This can optimally support the body to better adjust to pregnancy.

As we know, the first 3 months of a pregnancy are the most critical, because the fertilised egg has to implant properly first. If this does not happen, it can lead to an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. For this reason, we do not recommend treatment with Axomethod in the first trimester.

After the first three months, Axomethod is certainly advisable, as it can stimulate the circulation and thus counteract any nausea that may occur. In the second and third trimesters, targeted massage can be given for back and neck pain. For this purpose, the patient lies on her side so that mother and child have optimal freedom of movement. This form of treatment can counteract tension and problems with the spine – especially in the lower region. The blood circulation of the connective tissue and the muscles is stimulated, tensions are released. Axomethod can also reduce the storage of excessive water and stimulate fat burning to a healthy degree, so that excessive weight gain during pregnancy can be counteracted. It is also advisable to treat the extremities, as this is where water and fat tend to accumulate. This special treatment can accompany the pregnancy until shortly before the birth of the mother and thus contribute to the relaxation of mother and child.


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