Roughly speaking, metabolism refers to all biochemical processes that take place within the cells or, to put it simply: the components of the nutrients supplied are metabolised in the cells – i.e. broken down, converted and used to generate energy and to build up amino acids, for example.

The liver plays the most important role here. For many people, the metabolic processes are slowed down, because they often work in a sedentary position and have little time to eat or cook. In this case, people often resort to fast food such as pizza and burgers, which in turn puts a strain on the body, as this does not represent a balanced meal with all the nutrients and additionally slows down the metabolism.

How can Axomethod support the body to speed up the metabolism?

The combination of massage, lymphatic drainage and osteopathy has a stimulating effect on the entire metabolism, as the overloaded organism is able to release waste products that have accumulated in the body over the years and stimulate digestion again through the special techniques.

For example, if the lymphatic drainage is obstructed, fluid can build up in the tissues, leading to swelling under the skin. Through the therapist’s targeted grips, the lymph fluid can be set in motion again and thus also the immune system can be stimulated again.

Osteopathy identifies and treats functional disorders in the body. The musculoskeletal system, skull and spinal cord as well as the internal organs are connected as a system and are linked by fine tissue networks called fasciae. With gentle grips, blockages in these connections are released and the body’s self-healing powers are activated.

The massage serves to mechanically influence the skin, connective tissue and musculature through stretching, pulling and pressure stimuli. The effect of the massage extends from the treated area of the body over the entire organism and ultimately also includes the psyche.

The unique combination of these 3 treatments activates the metabolism and stimulates the body to eliminate accumulated metabolic products, thus relieving the body. It therefore makes perfect sense to integrate Axomethod as a supportive measure to improve the metabolism.


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