Support for AXO Therapists

Therapy is not static; it should evolve with ongoing research and new discoveries. At AXO Method, we go beyond just training therapists. We provide continuous support and growth opportunities to ensure we offer the best and most advanced treatments available.

WhatsApp group 

Be part of a network of therapists and share your vision and growth to support each other.

marketing tools

Business cards, gift cards, adverts, online presence and more to help you promote your activity.

social events

Be part of our social events or organise events with team members and the AXO Method support.

strategy & Growth

Work with us to grow your individual businesses and make your individuality stand out within the group.

The AXO Family

We call ourselves a family because we truly aim to be one—a close-knit community that supports, collaborates, and grows together. As a member of the AXO Family, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities designed to help you thrive as a therapist.

A WhatsApp support group

Our WhatsApp support group fosters a strong sense of community among AXO Method therapists. Through regular interactions, members can share insights, ask questions, and stay connected. This platform ensures continuous support, collaborative learning, and a space to celebrate each other’s successes, keeping everyone engaged and informed.

Monthly zoom group calls

Our monthly Zoom calls are a vital part of staying connected and informed within the AXO Method community. These calls provide essential updates, facilitate group discussions, and occasionally feature external guest speakers. This ensures continuous professional development, sharing of best practices, and exposure to new ideas and techniques.

yearly events

Our yearly get-together is a cornerstone event for the AXO Method family. During this event, we provide important updates to adapt and enhance our treatment techniques. We invite renowned external speakers, organize hands-on workshops, and offer ample opportunities to connect and network with fellow therapists. This event fosters learning, collaboration, and professional growth.

Marketing support

We partner with CharlotteGMarketing, a marketing agency to offer you all the tools you may need to grow your business. Some of the tools they offer are : 


We offer free business support, management and strategy in the form of coaching sessions to any therapist in need of development help. 


From business cards to websites as well as brochures and ads, we create online and offline tools to help you promote your business.


We give recommendations on paper and printing as well as compare prices to offer you the cheapest option.


We write professional articles internally which you can share with your clients to stay in touch with them.

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