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Claudia Vasquez

About me

Claudia is a very experienced massage therapist. She has been working abroad and across London in the massage industry for over 20 years mastering different techniques.

She recently joined the AXO Method team and believes the AXO Method is one of the most complete massages she has come across. Her strong technique and knowledge of body and health is optimal to help you be and stay at your best physical health.

diplomas and recognition
  • AXO method certified therapist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Certified Nurse
Place of practice

South London

AXO Method Therapist

Janey Williams

About me

Janey Williams is a certified health coach working privately and within NHS GP surgeries. Her career started within Human Resources where she quickly realised the ease at which she could assist employees with career/life coaching.  This has translated well and enabled her to become a successful wellbeing professional.  

A belief in holistic approaches, she says becoming an AXO method therapist means she can now help clients enjoy a new appreciation of their bodies, by using this unique and proven method. 

diplomas and recognition
  • AXO method certified therapist
  • Massage therapist
Place of practice

North London

Our body treatment

The AXO body treatment is a complete treatment which allows to boost the circulatory systems (digestive, blood, lymphatic, urinary, immune), to detoxify the body and to dissolve cellulite and fatty aggregates. It also helps to reduce muscular tension, joint stiffness and helps recovery after physical effort. The method is also effective on water retention and helps to tone and improve the texture of your skin.

For the body treatment, the AXO method blends 3 techniques:

Sports massage

A method originally developed for athletes. It is used to prevent injuries, to prepare the body for physical activity and to keep it in an optimal state. Sports massage also contributes to the recovery from injuries.

osteopathy mouvements

Manipulation and passive movement of the bones, joints, and muscles which helps alleviate discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual treatment reboosting your lymphatic and blood circulation systems to get rid of the toxins and fat accumulation.

our face treatment

AXO method’s face treatment is based on the same mouvements as the AXO method’s body treatment. Working on the fascias to reduce muscular tensions in the jaw and maxillary it will help reduce swellings, expression marks and visible wrinkles.

It will re-oxygenate the tissue by re-launching circulatory systems in order to help collagen better circulate. This relaxing process will provide a natural lifting effect visible at the end of the first treatment.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The method works on the circulatory systems, muscle tension, joint alignment and well-being. Incredible physical and psychological results. They also offer lifting massages. Yoann and I do them very regularly. The AXO method is very good for slimming drainage and also osteopathy.

Fanny Veyrac Huget

Model and 

founder of Rymaste Yoga

In addition to being an excellent anti-cellulite and draining treatment that helps redefine your silhouette and sculpt your body, the AXO method and Guillaume’s follow-ups are also treatments that prevent from the pain associated with physical exercise. I no longer have the recurrent back pain I used to have after my sports sessions.

Jessica Lemarie Pires

Model and founder of Kymina 

The massages have really helped me eliminate water retention and improve blood circulation. I no longer have problems with heavy legs or pain. I have slimmed down and reduced my orange peel skin. I also noticed a difference on my face, my skin is thinner, my complexion is clearer and I have fewer pimples and fewer fine lines. 

The massages give me a real sense of well-being and I have kept regular sessions for maintenance. Guillaume is very professional and very friendly!!! I really recommend them.

Aurélie – Venus in June

Founder of Venus in June

Guillaume is an amazing therapist and practitioner. He is so knowledgeable and knows exactly how to maximise each session to get your body (and mind) to produce the best results, all the while still providing an incredibly pleasant experience. He knows how to push you without ever over doing it. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I cannot say enough nice things about Guillaume. He is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I absolutely love my sessions with him. He caters to your personal needs has tons of information and makes you feel comfortable no matter what your goals are. The method he has developed and refined is one of a kind and I am totally hooked.

Roxana Karam

Art Consultant at R.K. Fine Arts

I booked a session with the Axo method the day before my first triathlon, and I had a very good feeling the next day before, during and after the race, with very few aches and pains the next day and the day after.

No feeling of heavy legs and no muscle contractions or cramps even at the end of the run, I really recommend the message before this type of long distance effort.

Pierre paillard

Rugbyman and triathlete

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